Portable Flash Studio: A Fast Set Up In Home Photography Studio (My Review)

Why a Fancier studio portable light system
Portrait phot

Portable means you are fixable for your clients. In their home or at the beach (requires portable power pack) or (off camera flashes) at a winery…



Anywhere your client wants to go you are there.

Quick set up. It takes me only fifteen minutes to set up and be ready for a session. Use the hair light and two light boxes for perfiect exposure…

…Set up by your self and fire away.

Light and easy to move… No heavy lifting nessary.

  • Full range of features

  • umbrella

  • light box

  • rim light

  • stands

  • varable through all F/stop ranges.

Moving around while carrying all your equipment can be a problem.

My solution was to get a

little red wagon.Tote wagon for portable studio and childrens prop

  •  I used it in the park.

  •  I used it at winery  

  • I used it in the mountains.

Light and easy to transport as It folds up to fit in the trunk.

It seconds as a prop for children’s portraits.

One other thing that you may need is a light meter.

When using a studio flash several componets rewuire attention.lightmeter: setting proper exposure

  • position of lights
  • position of subject
  • proper light meatering of subject
  • setting camera options correctly

This is what I use personally 

It works great